You can’t manage what isn’t measured.

  • Are your software licenses being consumed efficiently? Are you over-buying, or under-buying?
  • Your vendors promise you better performance and show you specs, studies and stats to prove it. Does any of that withstand scrutiny in your actual running environment?

“Upgraded” versions of 3rd party software, internally developed apps, OS and driver patches, new or different equipment change the run environment, perhaps even daily. How quickly would you like to know that a change is not nearly as benign as the techs thought it would be?

Breakdowns happen. Nodes crash and burn. Servers fail. How robust is your system? How close to saturation are your various resources? Where are the weakest links that could cripple your facility?

What do you need to maximize the productivity of your facility? How should you plan for greater computational capacity? PerfMiner can focus the spotlight so you don’t waste time or money on guesswork. Your software may encode brilliant insights but be poorly adapted to HPC: Then you need developers, training, or 3rd party libraries to provide HPC expertise. If PerfMiner can see hardware issues, configuration issues or communications bottlenecks, you can address them. If the apps are efficient and the nodes aren’t idle, you may just need more of them.